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About Seaside Alpacas

Seaside Alpacas was established in 2022 by Benjamin von Ammon, at the beginning under the name Alpaca Walk West Cork, and is the first provider for scenic coastal alpaca walks on Irelands south cost. Based at Ardra House near Union Hall, West Cork, between Skibbereen and Clonakilty, we are in good reach from Cork City, just one hour drive from the airport, in the heart of a popular West Cork Tourist area along the Wild Atlantic Way, with Lough Hyne, Glandore and Rosscarbery close by.

Ardra House was bought in 1981 by Benjamin’s Grandfather Friedrich von Ammon, who came together with his wife Ortrud from Germany to live in Ireland. In 2019 Benjamin inherited the place and moved here together with his wife Anastasia from Greece. After they had brought over their two horses Juli and Giselle and were able to rent enough land around the house, Benjamin got four alpacas, Percival, Django, Mika and Magos and the herd and farm are growing ever since.

Benjamin has an M.A. in educational science and cultural anthropology from the University of Heidelberg and worked for many years with kids and teenagers, developing and  crisis intervention programs, nature-based education and assisted activities and interventions. When he started with the alpacas, he was very impressed by their unique qualities, their character and personalities and found them especially suitable for his work. In 2021 he decided to use the exclusive and very much nature-based setting of Ardra House together with his growing passion for alpacas and together with his growing family, to create with Alpaca Walk West Cork a business, that would combine all these wonderful resources to bring the experience of a loving relationship between humans, animals and the surounding nature to everyone looking for it or even being in need of it. Since then that journey develops day by day and you are very welcome to join in, be it online on facebook, instagram and youtube or in real life by visiting AWWC. You are very welcome !